Jayary 362

Whether true or not, there's this widespread belief that mammals survived the asteroid strike because they were small and adaptable while the reigning species - the dinosaurs - died out. Of course, it's also true that most individual mammals and perhaps most mammalian species also died out, but what was merely a catastrophe for mammals was an apocalypse for the dinosaurs.

Let's say that modernity is the asteroid attack on divinity. It's killed God, but perhaps the gods are luckier. I am thinking of a chalu god like Ganesha who rides on a mouse - exactly the kind of animal we think avoided the asteroid. Ganesha is such a protean deity that he's even willing to take dictation from a human being. We have the Jaya only because the elephant god agreed to be Vyasa's scribe.

Plus, the divine Boswell is not even as smart as his Johnson: the god has to be extra careful whenever Vyasa throws a googly at him, which gives the human author time to compose further verses. I very much like the idea of a god with limits.

You can guess where I am going: the omnipotent God who rules over the universe from above is a non-starter today: not even wrong in Pauli's terms. But it's an equally big mistake to assume that divinity can only occupy the apex of the food chain.

Rajesh Kasturirangan

Rajesh Kasturirangan

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